How much does it cost to hire Judith Shields, Attorney at Law?

Criminal Cases / Investigations Fees are set based on the complexity of the case and the amount of time that we estimate it will take to handle your case. A non-refundable retainer is paid when the firm is hired and if a client chooses to set the case for trial an additional trial fee is assessed. In this website, you may submit your case to us and after reviewing your information, she will be able to quote you a fee. The fee varies based on prior convictions, the nature of the case and the amount of witnesses to be interviewed. A member of the firm will be present at all court dates, all hearings, all settings and pretrial motions will be drafted on your behalf contesting the arrest and search. Civil Cases On personal injury cases no attorney’s fees unless you recover.

What do I get for my fee?
Regardless of who you choose to represent you, make sure you have an agreement up front about the fee and hidden charges.  Judith Shields does not charge you for phone calls, letters, or emails as we understand how important it is to keep you up to date on your case.  She has no hidden fees.  The fee quoted is what we will charge.  Judith will give you a contract which clearly sets out the fee and the services provided so not to leave you in the dark.  If it is necessary to get copies of your medical records or investigation we will notify you first to make sure you know how much it will cost and exactly why she needs this information.
Do I need a lawyer?
If you are charged with a crime, it is critical that you obtain an attorney so that your rights can be protected. If the police attempt to question you, you should request to have an attorney present before they question you. Do not assume the police have your best interests at heart or that they are neutral parties without an interest in the outcome.
What should I expect when I am charged with a crime?
If you are charged with a criminal offense an “information” will be filed. An “information” tells you what you are being charged with and what court you are assigned. If you are charged with a felony, you have the right to have a Grand Jury decide on your indictment in the county in which the crime was committed. Felony cases take much longer to handle in smaller counties. Each district attorney’s office has its own way to handle cases that are submitted by police agencies. It can take up to 90 days to have a case indicted; therefore, it is important to consult an attorney if you think that you may have a case that will soon be indicted. If you consult an attorney early, then your attorney may assist you in getting a lower bond and in many cases may be able to get the charges lowered or no billed by a Grand Jury.
If I am charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) do I need to hire an attorney right away?
Yes. For many people the most serious consequence of a DWI is the loss of their driver’s license.  There are two separate driver’s license suspensions which may result from an arrest or conviction.  You have 15 days in which to contest the suspension of your license when you are charged with DWI. If you do not act quickly, you will lose the ability to have a hearing on this matter. It is important to contest the suspension upon arrest because you will gain a longer time to drive and it provides your attorney an important opportunity to gain information about your case and the officer.
If I am charged with a crime, how much will my bond be?
In Harris County, there is a standard bond sheet that judges follow. In Montgomery County, the bonds are set by individual judges and they can vary tremendously. Prior to making bond, my firm can assist you in getting the bond lowered.
What makes Judith Shields, Attorney at Law unique?
Judith worked for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for 7 years. In addition to being assigned to the Trial Division, Judith was assigned to the appellate division and has handled numerous appeals. Judith has tried capital murders, murders, and many other types of cases. Judith believes preparation and hard work are a must when helping a client in a criminal matter. She is committed to helping you whether you are charged with a traffic ticket or a 1st degree felony. The most unique aspect of Judith Shields is simple: she listens to her clients and focuses on preparing them for the decisions they will face. Being charged with a crime can mean that you may lose a job, your license, your freedom, and in some cases, your life. Judith Shields is licensed to practice in Texas but her focus is Montgomery County and Harris County.